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RBR Charity 2024

I am here today to tell you about the RBR Charity for 2024. The RBR Charity is something I setup to coinside with the channel a couple of years ago. I have always done some sort of charity work with running but I thought it was important to really push the message on the channel, so I came up with the RBR Charity to try and do just that. Take a look at the video and find out why I chose this charity for 2024, all the good work they do, and then you will see why this is so motivating for me. If you would like to donate, then please click on the link below: You can also donate from my website, on the homepage, scroll to the bottom and you will see a link and a QR code that you can scan to donate. If you would like to find out more about the Amersham Ultra 50k, then please click this link:

Take a look at the video and then please donate if you can via the link below.

Thank you for watching!

Until next time...


Train hard - Race hard - Have fun!

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