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RBR Charity 2023

This year the RBR Charity is raising money for Conrad Dawson.

Conrad and I worked together for sometime and became friends after sharing a passion for payments technology and real ale.

Conrad recently suffered a very agressive cancerous brain tumour which means he can no longer read or speak correctly, affecting his ablity to work, and now he needs our help to prolong his life for as long as possible, not just for Conrad, but for his wife and children.

Without treatment Conrad only has potentially 6 months to live, and with standard treament available on the NHS and through UK healthcare, Conrad could live for 12-18 months. With specialist treatment we may be able to make that time longer, every second counts.

Conrad himself is raising money for some specialist treatment in Germany, which is not available on the NHS or through UK private healthcare. This treatment will be tailored specifically to Conrad and his type of tumour.

I am going to be running 100 miles for Conrad, to raise as much money as I can to help him with his treatment.

I personnally cannot think of anyone more deserving of our help.

Take a look at the video and then please donate if you can via the link below.

Thank you for watching!

Until next time...


Train hard - Race hard - Have fun!

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