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Training Plans

I have uploaded a couple of my training plans that I used for my first 50k ultra and for my recent 100k ultra.

You are welcome to download these plans using the links provided and adapt them as you see fit for yourself.

Things to note about these plans prior to using them:

  • These plans were designed for me, therefore they may not be suitable for someone else without adjustment.

  • I am a firm believer in rest days and for my body 2 rest days works best, however there are many runners that prefer to run more days per week and/or do not take full rest days but rather fill those days with other non-impactful exercises. Adjust these plans to suit your style and body needs.

  • You will notice in these plans that there are not many back-to-back run days or double-run days. This is because my body does not respond well to this method of training. Adjust to your needs.

  • And finally, these training plans assume you can run a half marathon comfortably, so if you cannot then it is best to build up to that distance first before trying any of these training plans.

Train hard - Race hard - Have fun!

Core & Strength Exercises

I have also uploaded my core and strength workout routine that I typically follow twice a week. Sometimes I may mix this up with some other activity such as Swimming, just to keep it interesting and to work different muscle groups.

I have also uploaded some example exercises that I downloaded from Vert Run website. These exercises are included in my workout routine and I find them great for building up my leg strength.

Feel free to download either of these.

Train hard - Race hard - Have fun!
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