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Salomon Serpent Trail 100k Race

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I ran this race in early July, and what a race it was. I have previously only raced one 100k race (London 2 Brighton) so I was not entirely sure what to expect.

100k is a long way to run, so I had to train hard for this race and based upon my experiences of completing the distance last year, I trained harder this year knowing that this years race had more elevation. I also wanted to improve on my time from the last 100k and I felt that I was a better runner 12 months on.

The below video takes you through the race, so I will not spoil the action here, take a look and see how I got on.

Big thank you to Freedom Racing for putting on an awsome event, Loyd and Liga at Run4Adventure and Team Salomon.

This is a RBR Charity race for Haven House Childrens Hospice, you can donate from the home page on this website.

Enjoy the video

Until next time


Train hard - Race hard - Have fun!

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