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PAJ GPS Devices

Personal safety is serious consideration when you are out running the trails, especially if you are running long distances in rural areas.

It's only natural for friends and family to worry about you wheun you are out running for hours, especially if you are in a poor mobile phone signal area.

A GPS device, such as the PAJ Allround Finder, can be piece of mind for not only yourself as a runner, but also for your friends and family. Giving them the ability to track you on your run gives them some comfort that you are ok, and having the ability for you to alert them via the SOS features on the device, gives you some comfort knowing that if you get into trouble, someone can be alerted.

Checkout the video below and let me know ywhat you think in the comments section on YouTube.

Don't forget to take a look at our RBR Charities for 2022. There is a blog post specifically for this, but you can go direct to the JustGiving pages either from the homepage on this site, or using the below links. Many thanks in advance for your donations.

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